We’ve got power

Hello everyone!

We’re back from our holiday here at Yamaparts and ready to bring you all your motorcycle needs! Today we have a number of updates for you; there’s a new update for the second blue AS2J, the missing pieces for the orance AS2C have arrived and work has started on what is to be the yellow AS3. Keep your eyes peeled on the AS3 the coming week as we will have frequent updates on it.

We’ve received a lot of emails from people wanting to see a complete engine rebuild so expect a detailed walkthrough with pictures of how to rebuild an engine with lots of tips and tricks in the near future. One tip is to get conservation oil that’s usually used for boat engines and spray it in your restored engines (If you’re not going to use the motorcycle that is), that’ll protect them from internal corrosion.

On top of that we have some more news about the Yamaparts warehouse: we’ve got power! An electrician was there this week and set everything up so now we got lights, electrical sockets and some heating. On top of that we’ve got a dehumidifier working around the clock to keep things dry and corrosion free. We’ve started moving our used parts out there now aswell. Things are finally starting to get organized and easy to find 🙂

Until next time!

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