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Hello everyone! Great news, two new bikes have arrived! One blue and one orange AS2J from Germany. They were delivered by Transart last weekend, the freight only took two days! They both run but they’re in need of work. We also have a new update for the orange AS2C project, just a small one today. […]

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Progress has been a bit slower lately but the bike is starting to come together.

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Hello everyone Summer has come to Sweden, if only for a short while, and progress on the bikes has continued. We have a small update on the yellow AS3 and a big one for the orange AS2C’. In the AS2C update there’s a special treat, probably the easiest way of assembling the pistons and cylinders. […]

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Work is continuing on the AS2C, the electrical system is wired, the rear wheel is assembled and a lot of little things. The big one today is the pistons, a lot of people assemble the pistons before they attach the cylinders which can be complicated to line up correctly. The easiest way of doing it […]

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Oily forks

A special for the yellow AS3, a brand new front fork assembly. They’re packaged drenched in oil to make sure they won’t rust while in storage. This is the first time since it was made in 1970 that this one is out in the air.

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