Paint it black

Hello everyone!

Tonight we’ve got a big update! The gallery for the Marine Blue AS3 is up, you can find it in the museum. That means that the longest project to date is completed, it has been in the works since march last year. It really turned out well too, practically all parts are NOS, the exceptions being the frame, lamp housing, oil and fuel tanks. Everything down to the very last clip is where it’s supposed to be.

Just yesterday we got a huge load of parts back from Bassel, two frames and a lot of frame related parts. One of the frames that we recieved was the one from the orange AS2C, you can not believe that it’s the same frame that we sent away to him! Where once there was nothing but rust and dead birds we now have a fully restored frame, truly splendid work!

We’ve gotten even more emails this week. One from Per of, a site dedicated to vintage yamaha FS1-E bikes showing a few of the bikes he’s worked on.

You can see the parts that came back from Bassel and Pers “Fissys” in the news gallery

Until next time!


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