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Hello everyone! We have another build update for the blue AS3 and above that: We have two new projects! One for an orange AS2C and one for a second blue AS2J. In the orange AS2C project you can follow the entire dismantling process. The second blue AS2J just got a smaller update tonight, it’s more […]

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Work has started on yet another project! The orange Yamaha AS2J. Not that big of an update here today, just the engine parts waiting to be restored.

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Scrap metal

Christ this thing is dirty! It”s a Scrambler that has actually been used for its intended purpose, to drive offroad, and it shows. The headlight has been smashed into the front fork, the central stand is bent, it”s filled with pieces of wood, a ton of dead spiders and a dead bird under the carburetors! […]

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The AS3 is coming along nicely, the engine is assembled, except the carburetors. In this update you can see the easiest way to get the foot rest in place: put them in boiling water for a few seconds to soften them up, drip some washing-up liquid in them to make them slide on easier and […]

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Today we have a massive build update for the blue AS3 for you, not only is it a regular build update it’s filled with restoration tips too. From mounting the stand to protecting the paint on the frame. We’d also like to give special thanks to Jes at oldpartsshop for all the help he’s gives […]

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