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YL1 Parts list

We have a new parts list uploaded to the site. This time it’s for the YL1, since we have one in the collection we figured we’d upload the parts list.

As always, you can view it using the link below (or download it for personal use if you right click it), or click through to the Manuals section to view all manuals.

YL1 Parts List

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YL1: First start

We finally got round to starting the YL1 we got earlier this summer. It took a few kicks to get it going and, as expected, the clutch had stuck together but after that it ran smoothly. Enjoy!

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Two new arrivals

Two new bikes have arrived! A while back we were contacted by a friend in the US, he had an original, unrestored, YL1 that had only been driven 555 miles. We couldn’t resist. It even has the original warranty and service papers, guaranteeing a free 500, 1000 and 1500 mile service. It also has the original number plate, showing it first entered traffic in 1968.

Since I took these pictures, we have given it a proper cleaning, but left everything the way it was: just elbow grease. We have had to change three parts, two cosmetic and one functional. The rear mud flap was damaged, as you can see from the pictures, and will be replaced. We’ve also replaced the “Yamaha Injection System” sticker that had lost the “Yamaha”. Lastly: we’ve had to replace the gaskets in the fuel cock, it was far too leaky to work properly.

Hopefully we’ll have some footage of it up and running along with a complete gallery before too long.

We’ve also received a new AS2J. This one isn’t in as good a condition as the YL1. It does have some fun repairs: the ignition is where the high beam indicator is usually found.

It does have all its papers in order and it doesn’t look like it has been crashed. The first order of business is to disassemble it, then we’ll see in what form it’ll return.

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