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New parts list: YCS1

We have a new parts list uploaded to the site. This time it’s for the YCS1. As always, you can view it using the link below (or download it for personal use if you right click it), or click through to the Manuals section to view all manuals.

YCS1 Parts List

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Gallery of the YCS1 and iPads

We have a new gallery up of the 1968 YCS1 we got a few weeks back, click here to go to the museum page! The video of our test drive is there as well. We actually drove the bike out to the museum under its own power. We usually drive the bikes there with a truck since we haven’t got insurance on most of them. I’m happy to say that it completed the journey without any trouble at all!

Now on to the next thing: as some of you with iPhones and iPads might have noticed: the picture galleries don’t show up on the site when you browse with them. This is because the slideshows are based on flash which isn’t supported in iOS. In order to get around this I’m trying out a new gallery system which works on iOS, the YCS1 is the first one of this kind, if everything works out well I’ll transition the other flash-based galleries to this system as well. The layout is based on thumbnails instead of one slideshow though you can still access a slideshow by first clicking on one of the thumbnails.

Yamaha YCS1 1968 4

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Original condition AS2C

We have just bought a new 1969 orange AS2C for our collection. Unlike the other scramblers we have this one is completely unrestored in it’s original condition! It’s hard to believe that the bike is 43 years old from looking at the pictures. It has only been driven 640 Miles, it even has the original tires from 1969! At the moment it is being boxed up in the US, we should have it here in Sweden quite soon. Expect more pictures then!

This actually means that the three most recent finished additions to our collections are bikes that are in completely original, unrestored condition: the blue AS2J, the YCS1 and now this orange AS2C.

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As promised, here we have the first pictures of our new YCS1 from 1968. It is something quite special, it has only had one previous owner who bought it new from a dealer in 1968 and it only has 3550 km on the meter. The previous owner even had the bike inspected prior to selling it to us so it is completely street legal. We thought it would be a shame not to seize the opportunity to do a longer test run so we got it insured and started it up.

Another first for us is how close to us we found the bike, we get our motorcycles from all over europe and the US but so far we’ve bought very few being sold in our immidiate vicinity, this little gem turned up in a town right next to us, just a few km away.

You can see the pictures and the video of our first start-up and test drive below.

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Rudolph on the Run

Some fun news: the Midnight Star 1900 a.k.a. Rudolph the Chrome-Nosed Reindeer will make a guest appearance at this years Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Apparatjik, the creators, will perform on the Orange stage at 01:00 on thursday. Rudolph will be with them on stage in front of 60 000 festivalgoers. Though neither Ole nor I will be at Roskilde this year, if you happen to be there, try to get a look at it. If not, we’ll hopefully have some pictures of it not long after.

Some more motorcycle related news: we’ve gotten our hands on a 1968 YCS1. It is one of only two that are known to be imported to Sweden (probably) from Germany through the grey-market at the time. Not only is this quite a rare bike with an interesting history, it is in good condition as well. We have shot a quick video of us test driving it, we’ll have that along with pictures of it up on the site soon.

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