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Rudolph on the Run

Some fun news: the Midnight Star 1900 a.k.a. Rudolph the Chrome-Nosed Reindeer will make a guest appearance at this years Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Apparatjik, the creators, will perform on the Orange stage at 01:00 on thursday. Rudolph will be with them on stage in front of 60 000 festivalgoers. Though neither Ole nor I will be at Roskilde this year, if you happen to be there, try to get a look at it. If not, we’ll hopefully have some pictures of it not long after.

Some more motorcycle related news: we’ve gotten our hands on a 1968 YCS1. It is one of only two that are known to be imported to Sweden (probably) from Germany through the grey-market at the time. Not only is this quite a rare bike with an interesting history, it is in good condition as well. We have shot a quick video of us test driving it, we’ll have that along with pictures of it up on the site soon.

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The exhibition

Our bike exhibition at Dunkers Kulturhus is going well, there’s always a steady stream of people stopping and looking at the bikes. You can see more information about the exhibition here.

The Midnight Star 1900 was created by Apparatjik (Magne Furuholmen (A-ha), Jonas Bjerre (Mew), Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Martin Terefe (producer)), the Golden YZF-R1 was created by Kjell Nupen. The XJR 1300 was created by our resident painter Bassel Afara. The AS1 was created by Lone Recht. The AS3 Titan, you know from before, the gallery is here. The AS3 art has been made using pictures by Per Johnsson.

Big thanks to Yamaha Center for all the help with the projects.

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