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Yamaha Center 30th anniversary

Hi everyone,
Yamaha Center Helsingborg has been celebrating their 30th anniversary this weekend. Of course we were on hand and lent them a couple of bikes (an AS2J, an AS2C and an AS3)!

Other than our vintage bikes there were, of course, the latest and greatest models from Yamaha and a set of bikes from 1985 and 1986 when they first opened (a RD500LC, a RD350LC and an SRX600). We’ve worked a lot with Yamaha Center and they are great guys, congratulations on your 30th anniversary!







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Walkthrough part 3: Footrest, Rear fender and Rear wheel

And onto the next walkthrough! This time we’re covering the footrest assembly, the rear fender and the rear wheel. Just as with the front wheel, we’ve had them spoked at Yamaha Center earlier. At one point in the pictures we attach the footrest assembly, you shouldn’t do it at that point, you should wait until after you’ve attached the foot brake.

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The exhibition

Our bike exhibition at Dunkers Kulturhus is going well, there’s always a steady stream of people stopping and looking at the bikes. You can see more information about the exhibition here.

The Midnight Star 1900 was created by Apparatjik (Magne Furuholmen (A-ha), Jonas Bjerre (Mew), Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Martin Terefe (producer)), the Golden YZF-R1 was created by Kjell Nupen. The XJR 1300 was created by our resident painter Bassel Afara. The AS1 was created by Lone Recht. The AS3 Titan, you know from before, the gallery is here. The AS3 art has been made using pictures by Per Johnsson.

Big thanks to Yamaha Center for all the help with the projects.

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The much awaited gallery

We have uploaded the gallery of the original 24km AS2J to the museum page! Click here to go there directly. It has really survived storage remarkably well. There are a few marks but not nearly as many as you would expect.

The opening at Dunkers went well, the turnout was larger than we expected! If you have the route through Helsingborg before the 8th of August, stop by and take a look!

Yamaha AS2J Original 24km 1971 2

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After a long build period the latest AS3 project is completed: the new red AS3 is up and running! Tonight we have a brand new gallery of it ready in the museum, click here to see it. A special thanks to Yamaha Center for letting us set up a room to take pictures of the bike while it’s there!

We have a new project that is about to start as well, keep your eyes peeled this weekend for more information.


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