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Database issues

As those of you who tried to access the site during the weekend noticed: we’ve been having some database issues. They are solved now and we’re up and running again (remember: always backup your data!).

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A new record and the next walkthrough

Just to kick things off: the next part of the AS3 Europa walkthrough is up, this is the 6th installment and it continues with the engine assembly. Click here to go see it.

I’ve spent some time with site maintenance as well. Everything is up to date now. I also checked on the site statistics for the first time in a while and I’m glad to announce that December was the first month we broke through 10 000 actual visitors after cleaning out all the robots! Neither I or Ole thought we’d ever get this many visitors each month to the site, it’s exciting!

It just goes to show that there is a community out there around the world who are interested in these bikes. Take pride in knowing that you are one of a select few and that there are others out there working on their motorcycles as well!

One more thing: the post archive with monthly updates is now a drop-down menu. You can still find it below the tag cloud to the right but it takes up less space this way. It was beginning to get too long the way it was.

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Gallery of the YCS1 and iPads

We have a new gallery up of the 1968 YCS1 we got a few weeks back, click here to go to the museum page! The video of our test drive is there as well. We actually drove the bike out to the museum under its own power. We usually drive the bikes there with a truck since we haven’t got insurance on most of them. I’m happy to say that it completed the journey without any trouble at all!

Now on to the next thing: as some of you with iPhones and iPads might have noticed: the picture galleries don’t show up on the site when you browse with them. This is because the slideshows are based on flash which isn’t supported in iOS. In order to get around this I’m trying out a new gallery system which works on iOS, the YCS1 is the first one of this kind, if everything works out well I’ll transition the other flash-based galleries to this system as well. The layout is based on thumbnails instead of one slideshow though you can still access a slideshow by first clicking on one of the thumbnails.

Yamaha YCS1 1968 4

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We’ve made some changes to the AS3 ‘Art’ project. The front fender is now painted black to match the rear fender instead of chromed as the regular AS3-models. We feel that it’ll match the overall looks better this way. Don’t worry: we used a used front fender that would have needed a new layer of chrome anyway 🙂

At the moment we’re working with getting all the artwork onto the painted parts, easier said than done… We’ll have more updates as we go along!

One big change, effective immediately, concerning the website: the links page is gone! Instead we have the links right here on the front page, right below the slideshow of our motorcycles. If you hover over them you’ll even see a quick description of who they are.

We’ve also taken the time to disassemble a lot of the used carburetors to clean and restore them. Some are in better condition than others…

The small nozzles are almost always clogged and are next to impossible to get properly clean. Many times when the bikes run poorly, the problem is with the nozzles is the carburetors. Luckily we have restoration kits that contain the nozzles, gaskets and springs. As long as we can get the carburetor housing clean, we’ll be able to restore them.

In the slideshow below you can see both the AS3 and the carburetors.

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Titan Guestbook

Just as promised we’ve been adding more features to the site. The newest of which is the guestbook. The new one contains all the old posts that have been made on the old site. The new one even has a captcha (that squiggly text near the bottom) to make sure that no spambots get through. The whole process is automated. Worth mentioning is that the guestbook isn’t the best way to get a hold of us. If you have questions, use the contact page!

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