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Walkthrough part 4: Engine

It is time for part 4. The update covers the internal shifter assembly, clutch assembly, engine mounting and some small extras. The actual putting together of the engine block with the crank and gearbox will be covered in another walkthrough. We didn’t get pictures of putting it together and we usually prepare a lot of engines at once.

As always: click on through to the pictures to get more information about the process. Most of them don’t have any extra commentary but some do where the steps need some clarification.

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Walkthrough part 3: Footrest, Rear fender and Rear wheel

And onto the next walkthrough! This time we’re covering the footrest assembly, the rear fender and the rear wheel. Just as with the front wheel, we’ve had them spoked at Yamaha Center earlier. At one point in the pictures we attach the footrest assembly, you shouldn’t do it at that point, you should wait until after you’ve attached the foot brake.

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Walkthrough part 2: Electrical, Front fork and Wheels

It is time for the next part of our walkthrough: the initial wiring of the electrical system, the front fork continued and the first steps of the wheel assembly. As with the previous part: click through to Flickr to see comments and specific tips.

We have already prepared a few things in advance, most notably we’ve already re-spoked and balanced the wheels before the pictures. We do that with the assistance of Yamaha Center since they have the proper equipment to easily balance the wheels. We will catch all that on picture sometime in the future though.

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Walkthrough part 1

We’ve started the promised walkthrough of the AS3 Europa, click here to see the first part: the frame, front fork and swing arm!

The walkthrough will bring together most of the tips that you can find scattered about the various news updates on the site. Another way to see all (or at least most) of the tips is by clicking the Tip link in the tag cloud, that will take you to the posts that contain restoration tips.

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Walkthrough part 1: frame, front fork and swing arm

It’s time to get started on the promised walkthrough: this first part shows the early steps with the frame, front fork and swing arm. If you click through to each picture you can read some tips relating to the shown specific step. We have mentioned a lot of these tips on the site before but now they’re in one place.

You can follow each step in assembling the motorcycle in the pictures: they’re all in chronological order and we’ve taken pictures of pretty much everything.

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