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Rebuilding a Carburetor

This will be quite a long post, to see it all, click “Continue reading” below. A while back I promised that we would upload a walkthrough on rebuilding the carburetors, here it is! This is a rebuild of the AS1/AS2 version of the carburetors, but the AS3 and most other versions are similar. To view a larger version of any picture, click on it.

Carburetor Rebuild 01
This assumes that you’ve already disassembled your carburetor and that you have all the required parts, either new or used. The tiny openings in the nozzles tend to get clogged over time, I would really recommend that you get a restoration kit that contains new nozzles and gaskets in order to get your bike running smoothly.
In order to make things easier to see, we’ve laid out all the parts here. Begin by assembling the nozzles in the upper part of the carburetor housing in the steps shown below.

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Engine service manual

It’s been a while since I last added a new manual to the site. Today’s manual cover engine service. The manual itself was made for Yamaha retailers and mechanical workshops so it covers more advanced methods that the regular service guides.

We get a lot of emails with questions about crankshaft assembly, hopefully this will be able to help with those questions and a lot more. The manual is quite early, from 1965 so it covers specifics about older models, in particular the YG1, the YJ1, the YA6 and the YDS3. The methods used work for later models too. Anyway, go to the manuals section or click the link below to view the manual, as always: right click and select save link as… to download an offline version.

Engine Service Manual

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Walkthrough part 7: the exhaust, covers, wires and finishing touches

Now we’re there: the final part of the AS3 Europa walkthrough. This time we’re covering the exhaust, the side covers for the engine and frame, the wires and finishing touches all around. Hopefully the whole series have been of help. We haven’t gone into all of the details everywhere, they will follow as separate walkthroughs. The most important of these will be assembling the engine block and the carburetors.

If you’re disassembling one of these bikes, just follow the order in reverse and you should be able to do it relatively easily.

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Walkthrough part 6: the engine continued

We’re approaching the final installment in our AS3 walkthrough. In this update we cover some of the additional bits of the engine assembly, up until the carburetors are set to go on the bike. Parts to pay extra attention to this time is the kick spring assembly and the side logo cover assembly (we have covered it before but it is still important to get it right for the overall look).

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Walkthrough part 5: Handle and Meters

We continue with the AS3 Europa walkthrough: this time we’re covering parts of the handle and meter assemblies with a few other parts on the bike which makes this update kind of hard to categorize.

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