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Hello everyone!
The yellow AS3 is done! You can see the last project update here. On top of that as a special treat, the gallery of the yellow AS3 is also finished, you can see it in all its splendor there. It has really turned out better than expected, the pictures really only tell half the story, it needs to be seen to fully appreciate it.

In other news, we just got two more frames and assorted parts back from sandblasting. We also got a stack of cards from Jes at oldpartsshop with pictures of our bikes on them, with our permission of course, and they’re looking good 🙂

Until next time!


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All done

It is finished! The last side covers went on and now it”s off the bench. This one is truly in a league of its own compared to the others. Almost forgot to put the fuel lines in though…

A big thanks to Bassel for the awesome paintjob, Smethurst for the equally amazing chrome and Jes at oldpartsshop for all his help!

You can see the gallery here.

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Today we have a massive build update for the blue AS3 for you, not only is it a regular build update it’s filled with restoration tips too. From mounting the stand to protecting the paint on the frame.

We’d also like to give special thanks to Jes at oldpartsshop for all the help he’s gives us with finding parts for the restorations, if you’re looking for parts for your own restorations don”t hesitate to search his website or ebay store.


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New stuff and new friends

A seat for Yamaha AS3 has just arrived from Christian in France, it”s in as new condition!

Another fun surprise is what turned up in the mail yesterday, Jes from oldpartsshop sent us a business card he’s created for oldpartsshop with a picture of our Honda CB900F (With our permission of course).

Now for another bit of news. I”ll be on holiday for two weeks starting tomorrow, but don’t fear, pictures of the Kawasaki Mach IV 750 will be put on the site during the next week so it won’t be two weeks of bike related drought for you 🙂 For now enjoy the pictures of the AS3 seat and oldpartsshop business card.

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