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Hello everyone!
As you’ve probably guessed from the lack of updates the last week we’ve been busy here at Yamaparts, though a little waiting makes the updates all the sweeter!

We’ve got a new project, the yellow AS3, not a standard colour but hey, you gotta shake things up every once in a while. You can see the latest project update here.

Some really exciting news: 11 of our bikes, the AS1”s, AS2”s, AS3”s, the HS1B and the CS5 are on display at Yamaha Center in Helsingborg, Sweden. You can see the pictures of them below. They”ll be on display there until the end of May so if you”re in Helsingborg, or driving distance, don”t hesitate to take a look!

Work on the upcoming Yamaparts showroom is progressing too, the ceiling material has arrived and the room is about halfway cleared.

We also got a fun Yamaparts mail from reader Martin of him and his AS1 back in the day, one of many Zundap mopeds he has restored and as an extra bonus him and his Yak-52.

Until next time!

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The holiday is over

The holiday ended this Monday and of course as could be expected, as soon everyone got back to work the sun came. Today it’s 26°C in the shade with high humidity and insane amounts of mosquitoes from the last month of rain. Lovely.

Anyhow, the bikes are progressing nicely, check out the update on the blue AS2J. The work with what is to become the museum is also going smoothly, currently about 24 cubic metres of wood are being removed from the building, so soon the real renovating can begin.

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Back to business

It’s returning to business as usual here at Yamaparts after the holiday, there are some new updates in the current project section, both for the blue AS2J and for the blue AS3.

Which brings me to the most exciting news, we”ve found a building to house all the motorcycles where we’ll set up a museum! But before that can happen the whole place need to be renovated. At least the ball is rolling and hopefully it”ll all be done to the winter or early next year.

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