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Getting back on track

First the serious news: in the last few weeks the news updates have been quite sporadic, that’s because I (who do the updates and take the pictures) have recently started college and have been quite busy (Ole has been working on the bikes as usual the whole time though). But now the initial period is over and there’s more time to be had for the site so we’ll get back to the regular update intervals! I’ve also got some surprises planned for you 😉

Now to the bike part of the update. The blue AS2J is completed! So take a look at the last project update, the project history will be moved to completed projects in the projects menu. The images of it for the museum section are on their way and as always, good things come to those who wait, the images will be ready either this weekend or the next.

The CS5 project is starting up again now that the AS2J is done, so there”ll be running updates for it.

And finally, enjoy these pictures of the Kawasakis and AS3s in the collection!

Until next time

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Lots of new stuff

Hello again folks.

We’ve got a lot of new stuff for you today. The last pictures of the Kawasaki Mach IV has finally been added and on top of that some information on its restoration (or rather some information on where you can find information on its restoration).

There’s a new update on the blue AS2J, it’s about as close to completion as it can get without actually being completed.

And finally, a new bike has been added to the collection, a red AS3 restored by Peter Spicer (More pictures are on their way). The bike is in excellent condition and fully functional, it runs like clockwork. Enjoy the updates!

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As promised, the pictures of the Kawasaki Mach IV is on the site now, enjoy the pictures!

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That’s right, bikechange, at the moment storage space is limited so all motorcycles can’t be kept here. Therefore the Honda CB900F has been sent off to Yamaha Center for storage and two new bikes brought here! A Kawasaki Mach III 500 and a Kawasaki Mach IV 750. The Mach III was restored by Beezeees so a big thanks to Berne and everyone there!  The Mach IV was restored by Per, another fellow bike enthusiast.

Check out the pictures of the Mach III, it”s a truly remarkable bike. The pictures of the Mach IV will be done in the next few days so keep and eye out for them 🙂

There are also new build updates for the Red AS1 and the Blue AS2J.

Here are the pictures of the two Kawasakis arriving and the Honda being taken to Yamaha Center:

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Bike arrival

A new bike arrived yesterday, a Kawasaki Mach III 500. The bike was restored by Beezeees and it”s truly spectacular to see, these are again just some teaser images, a lot more will come once the bike is brought home from Yamaha Center. The work on the red AS1 has also continued, this time it was the engines turn, you can see it here.

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