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The end of a long journey


We started working with the idea of building a museum to gather all of the motorcycles almost three years ago. Since then we’ve gone through a lot of different ideas of how it should look, where it should be and how it should be operated. Now at last we get to reap  the fruits of the labour: the museum (at least the location) is completed! So far we have a bit over 20 motorcycles there with more on the way. This means that we have space to get working again: we can finally snap the pictures of the bikes we’ve restored and we can start up new projects.

To kick it all of we’ve got a gallery of one of the latest new entries to the collection: our Suzuki GT250. It has about 1200 Km on the meter and has never been tinkered with, it has only rolled on the swedish roads when the weather has been dry with sunshine. Check it out in the gallery section or on flickr!

We’ve also finished the AS3 ”Titan” bike, we got the last piece of the puzzle: the fuel tank, last week. I have to say that the overall look of the bike works, check it out.


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