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New updates, new features

A lot of new things today. There are two new build updates, one on the CS5 project and one on the Blue AS2J project. And even bigger news, video content has been added to the site so you can see and hear some of the motorcycles when they are up and running! Check it out:

(The videos can be seen on youtube instead!)

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In pieces

The bike is now fully disassembled! Next on the schedule for this bike is glass-blasting for the frame, swing and footrest and a thorough cleaning.

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More parts removed

We’ve removed even more parts from the bike, now it”s basically just the front fork, the frame and the engine block left.

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More project updates

Two new updates on the CS5 have been added (one of them should have been up yesterday), head over to the CS5 project and take a look at the progress!

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The CS5 is almost fully stripped, the more pieces we remove the more it’s obvious that the bike needs a proper overhaul after all these years.

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