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The Art Bike

The special AS3 we created for Ole’s exhibition in 2012 is once again on display. If you’re in the south of Sweden and feel like checking it out, you can find more info by clicking here.


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The final walkthrough

The final part of the AS3 Europa walkthrough is up, this time we’re covering the exhaust, the covers, the wires and finishing touches all around. Click here to go see it. Hopefully it has been (or will be) of help in your own restorations.

Expect a gallery of the finished bike in the not too distant future!

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Walkthrough part 7: the exhaust, covers, wires and finishing touches

Now we’re there: the final part of the AS3 Europa walkthrough. This time we’re covering the exhaust, the side covers for the engine and frame, the wires and finishing touches all around. Hopefully the whole series have been of help. We haven’t gone into all of the details everywhere, they will follow as separate walkthroughs. The most important of these will be assembling the engine block and the carburetors.

If you’re disassembling one of these bikes, just follow the order in reverse and you should be able to do it relatively easily.

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A new record and the next walkthrough

Just to kick things off: the next part of the AS3 Europa walkthrough is up, this is the 6th installment and it continues with the engine assembly. Click here to go see it.

I’ve spent some time with site maintenance as well. Everything is up to date now. I also checked on the site statistics for the first time in a while and I’m glad to announce that December was the first month we broke through 10 000 actual visitors after cleaning out all the robots! Neither I or Ole thought we’d ever get this many visitors each month to the site, it’s exciting!

It just goes to show that there is a community out there around the world who are interested in these bikes. Take pride in knowing that you are one of a select few and that there are others out there working on their motorcycles as well!

One more thing: the post archive with monthly updates is now a drop-down menu. You can still find it below the tag cloud to the right but it takes up less space this way. It was beginning to get too long the way it was.

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Walkthrough part 6: the engine continued

We’re approaching the final installment in our AS3 walkthrough. In this update we cover some of the additional bits of the engine assembly, up until the carburetors are set to go on the bike. Parts to pay extra attention to this time is the kick spring assembly and the side logo cover assembly (we have covered it before but it is still important to get it right for the overall look).

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