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The much awaited gallery

We have uploaded the gallery of the original 24km AS2J to the museum page! Click here to go there directly. It has really survived storage remarkably well. There are a few marks but not nearly as many as you would expect.

The opening at Dunkers went well, the turnout was larger than we expected! If you have the route through Helsingborg before the 8th of August, stop by and take a look!

Yamaha AS2J Original 24km 1971 2

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Keys, Bikes and Steps

Tonight we have a few updates for you! We recently got a hold of three new motorcycles: two AS1 and one AS2J. One of the AS1’s and the AS2J are in good condition, the last AS1 is a different story. We have special plans for it though: in a short while we’ll have more of it.

The second to last update I talked about getting replacement keys if you’d lost yours (or someone else lost them at some point in time), tonight I’ve got a picture of where you can find the key number for the AS2J and AS3: it’s written on the ignition switch and again on the key. In order to find the key number on an AS1 or AS2C you need to remove the front light to get to the ignition switch.

We also have a brand new project! However we’ve already finished it. We’ve documented almost every step in the entire restoration in a picture gallery, you can see the project here. It contains a lot of pictures that can help with wire routing, getting the fuse hooked up correctly and a lot of other small things that are easy to overlook. Do take a look if you get the chance.


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Wow, this is the single largest continous update we’ve ever done. It takes you all the way through a restoration project: from putting the frame on the bench up to the finished motorcycle with pretty much every step in between. If you follow the pictures you can see almost every step (due to some camera trouble we missed a few parts near the end).

This update can help you with things like wire routing and where to put the fuse (And a lot of other small details as well)

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First test drive

At long last it stopped raining! We seized the opportunity to test drive the AS2J for the very first time. As you would (hopefully) expect from a basically new bike, it runs like new! If you want to see the video in higher resolution you can go to the museum page here or go to our youtube channel.

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The key

The 24,5 km AS2J has arrived home! The last time we had an update on it, it had just arrived in Sweden. Now we’ve had a chance to take a proper look at it. It’s absolutely stunning!

We’ve carefully cleaned it up, it looks pretty much like a new bike. If you look at it from a short distance, it looks like it’s brand new. More info and pictures after the jump.
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