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New gallery: black AS1

The gallery of our newly restored black AS1 is up, you can find it in the museum section, click here or on the picture to go directly there!

Gallery - Yamaha AS1 Black 1970 52

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It is time for the fourth update on the black AS1 project, this time we’re mostly looking at the carburetors, handle and wires and the fuel tank. At this point we had a few small things left to do, but the next update will be the finished gallery!

Winter has finally let go, now we can start up some of the bikes we’ve finished during autumn and winter. At the moment we have an AS1C, AS2C, AS1 and AS3 lined up…

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Well, that pause in updates was a bit unexpected. We’re back again with a new update on the black AS1 project. Click here to see it. A quick preview:

AS1 Black 279

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Front wheel and engine

That turned into an unexpectedly long delay…

Well, it’s time for the next part of the black AS1 project. This time we’re covering the front wheel and engine.

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More of the black stuff

It is time for the next update on the black AS1. This time we’re covering the rear wheel and handle.

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