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(41) Mattias
Sun, 6 September 2009 11:14:31

Hey! är det nån strypning på Yamaha AS3? Antar att ni är svensk då jag såg på videon, "Den går som en klocka" med lite härlig skånedialekt (=

(40) Graham Foy
Mon, 31 August 2009 02:06:51
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Hi guys. 2 things.... 1) I think the AS1 drive project was a brilliant idea. So many restorations take years and very little remains of the original bike. This was a refreshing change. 2) glad you are keeping the Europa as a Europa. It is ugly but we must preserve the good the bad and the ugly :P I have 1972 YAS3, 1971 CS3B, 1973 RD125a, 1976 RD250c & Honda SS50ZK1E

(39) Colin Dicken
Thu, 16 July 2009 22:55:57

Hi I love all your yamaha YAS3'S I think they are great
regards Colin [nottingham uk]

(38) Alan Green
Tue, 23 June 2009 23:12:33

Hi There
I have just finished a 1969 Yamaha FS1
I am also looking to buy an unrestored AS2J, looking at your bikes encourages me

(37) Gareth
Sun, 3 May 2009 22:11:59

Hi Joacim, I like the handlebars (T-Bars) on the AS3, crazee '70's man! bye

(36) Einar christiansen
Tue, 28 April 2009 15:23:43

Very nice yamhas.i have a 1974 yamaha 100 ls 2.very similar to the as is in almoust mint condition.

(35) Andy Miller
Sat, 7 March 2009 20:53:15

Greetings! I have a '73 RD350 that is in a state of complete teardown. I lost a locator pin in the top groove of the left piston some two weeks ago. Am installing backup cylinders and all new Weisco pistons, etc. You have a great restoration shop. I had no idea there were so many Yamaha twins out there. I admire your attention to detail and am working to get my machine back on the road. I have/will send pics if you'd like, but I must warn you, the shop floor here is for trucks. 2fas

(34) Vince
Sun, 1 March 2009 07:23:03

I remember the little 90/100/125 twins well. I was 16 in 1969 and had a YDS3C,YM1,new 1971 R5B, new 1976 RD400 and now a yellow 1984 RZ350L. I'll never forget the gas tank dipsticks on the YDS/YM1's. Your photograpy is excellent, lighting, etc. The tandem/pics is a meal in itself, worthy of framing.

(33) Michael Vallejos
Sat, 28 February 2009 23:39:01

love your site

(32) Gareth
Sun, 25 January 2009 20:34:10

Great website, v.professional. Pictures & bikes also look very good. Noticed you've restored a Yamaha CS5-e, looks great. I've got one of those models (1972), but the condition is not so good, but I still aim to try to get it on the road in the next month or so. bye