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(11) Urban
Sun, 25 November 2007 22:41:06

Hej Läste om er i Allt om MC. Otroligt impad blev jag, hojarna är sjukt snygga och hemsidan hur proffsig som helst. Kul att det är fler än jag som gillar 125:or från den tiden, dom är verkligen underskattade. Men intresset kommer garanterat att öka tids nog. Jag kommer att följa era projekt via hemsidan. MVH Urban

(10) Huga
Mon, 1 October 2007 11:15:29
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Ole, When will we see Honda's 750 late 60'ies up to early 70'ies....? I believe we have been riding on one and the same machine once.

(9) Malet
Fri, 28 September 2007 10:57:43

Hi - Malet speaking to Ole. Very impressive site hey!!! And I really enjoy the lines of the bikes from the 60-70th. - Great also that it´s beginning to be recognized on the global arena. - Keep it up !!! // Malet

(8) Per R Olsen
Thu, 27 September 2007 15:30:30

Lovely bikes! I have one AS-1 red and one AS-1C blue a well as a H-1 peacock grey. The little Yamahas are very original and complete, I'm collecting spareparts and will hopefully start restoration during the forecoming winter.

(7) Ian Corps
Mon, 21 January 2008 22:27:58

The site never fails to amaze me, I cannot believe the quality of the restoration, they look better than new. I used to own a 1973 red AS3, I would like to get in touch with anyone restoring a AS3 in England, mean while keep up the excellent work. Regards Ian

(6) Piet Joosse
Sat, 25 August 2007 21:24:05

Nice pictures of the CS5, I'm restoring one myself but it will be difficult to meet these standards. Can anyone give me adresses to obtain new CS5 parts?

(5) Terry Jordan
Sun, 19 August 2007 18:36:32

Nice work guys, you must have spent a lot of time and effort let alone money to get your bikes looking so good. you are an inspiration to us all.

(4) Miguel Angelo Quaggio
Mon, 11 June 2007 23:30:40

Hi, friend´s. Great motorcycles!!! I have a Yamaha AS3. Let´s talk about. Thank´s.

(3) Motor classic shops
Thu, 17 May 2007 19:54:44

Very nice Great !!!!
Great Bike
Have a nice day

(2) Lee
Tue, 24 April 2007 22:56:22

Very promising website. High standard of bikes on here. They make mine look crap! - Keep up the good work! - Regards, Lee.