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(21) Robert Ridwan
Sat, 14 June 2008 16:19:55

Hi! it is awesome classic motor bikes, I love AS1 and AS3 and hope someday I can find and rebuild it again.

(20) Maibach Alfred
Mon, 12 May 2008 17:49:57

Super Home Page restauriere im Moment eine AS1 Jg. 1969. GFreundliche Grüsse Alfred

(19) Kjell Ivar Berntsen
Mon, 21 April 2008 20:17:48

Hei.Du har fått i sammen noen kjempefine Yamahaer. Sender noen bilder av mine. En 72 cs5,73 rd125 og 74 rd125

(18) Francois RAVEY
Tue, 25 March 2008 00:27:59

congratulations for the high quality of your work !
I had into 1968 one AS1 which left me good memories
I have several 125 one RD 73 blue, one RD 75 red, one TZ 94 and one TA 125 72 almost finished but I do not find pistons...
I would like to have a AS3, you do not sell one by chance of them?

(17) Richard
Fri, 29 February 2008 21:34:43

Hi Guys
I have looked at your site a few times now, the quality of your work is amazing.I have a CS5 that I restored a couple of years ago, I will send some photos of it in due course. I am currently restoring two AS3's, one is the original red the other I am doing in orange. I use your gallery photos as a constant point of reference. Where do you find all your NOS parts ? You seem to find parts such as seats that I have found impossible to source.
Regards Richard

(16) Colin Tiller
Thu, 28 February 2008 22:08:52

I've just discovered your site and my god what a treat! That blue AS3 had me dribbling on my keyboard. I've got a red AS3 languishing in the back of my shed. It's missing a fair few parts, most notably the seat and rear fender and it's currently a non runner. Your site has inspired me to begin its restoration.

(15) Per Brandt
Tue, 19 February 2008 11:33:25
url  email

Hi there,
I am a swede living in England for the past 37 years and I own a number of different YAMAHA bikes including 3 FS1-E Sports Mopeds, a CS5E, and a JT1 Mini Enduro. I also own and run a website and a ebay shop selling parts for the FS1. Can anyone give me the paintcodes for my purple and white CS5E, same as tha one featured on the site?

(14) Göran Rasmusson
Wed, 6 February 2008 18:53:12

Jag får en tår i ögat körde själv en blå AS2J,otroligt roligt att se en sådan igen och i sådant kanon skick.
Ha de

(13) Cody Simmons
Thu, 3 January 2008 20:04:23

Very nice bikes, I grew up on small Yamaha's. I raced flattrack & Roadraced.

(12) JL
Fri, 21 December 2007 21:27:26

God Hjul till Er från två Aom mc-läsare i västerbotten. Mycket fina o intressanta projekt ni håller på med. Körde själv -71.a Yamaha R5 som första mc, sen bl.a fyror fr. Honda o Kawasaki.