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(31) Goran
Thu, 8 January 2009 15:49:16

I had a orange AS2J between 1979-1981 up in Boden, Sweden. The gearbox was broken when i bought it so i did a lot of work on it. I think i know every nut and washer on that bike. Lots of sentimental memories are popping up when i look at your website, thanks for that. //G

(30) Robson Prudente
Mon, 24 November 2008 02:12:14
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Congratulations your website is very nice, have good informations and exelent pictures. I have Yamaha RD350A 1974 (in restouration now!) and Suzuki GT250L 1974 and Velosolex S3800 1966. See my websites
best regards!

(29) Peter Abelmann
Sat, 22 November 2008 08:06:08

Hi all together,
nice to see other fans of the little Yamahas here in europe...

I have restored the YL1, HS1B, AS1, AS2J, AS1C and CS3C Models until now. My AS3 and AS2J are still to do!!

Would be great to stay in contact!

(28) Bernd Kraft
Sun, 26 October 2008 22:43:35
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Very nice Site! I had an AS3 1973, I am work and rebuild this Bike! Best regards Bernd

(27) Joe
Wed, 10 September 2008 23:04:53

Absolutely beautiful work! I had a couple of YAS-1s as a kid. Hope you can do a YL-1 sometime.

(26) Nils
Wed, 10 September 2008 20:18:15

Nice website Joacim.
There's another good webpage out there: :)
See you around!

(25) John
Sun, 31 August 2008 17:09:48

Just discovered your site following a link from the Yamaha Owners Club Forum The pair of AS1's are truly awesome, I have a 1969 Candy blue one that I am just starting to restore.

(24) Eduardo Ude
Tue, 26 August 2008 01:45:50

Very nice site!!! I had an orange DT 125 1974 33 years ago. Last month I found in the Internet here in Brazil a red DT 125 1975, a model without electric start, which I intend to restore. In general, it is in a good shape, only missing some details. If some of you can sugest me a good site for Yamaha spare parts, please help me.
If somebody had some photos, informations, etc, let me know!!
best regards,
Eduardo Ude

(23) Glyn Davies
Thu, 3 July 2008 09:37:13

Just a terrific website! I found a 1972 CS5E last year which I want to restore, it's really fun to ride after all the years riding 4 strokes (Diesels). Many thanks for sharing all this info.

(22) Fabio Pinto e Silva
Tue, 1 July 2008 15:55:32

Very cool this site, with many many good informations. Congratulations. I'd like to see something about LS3 100cc if possible and all 100cc Yamaha motorcycles. Tks