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(116) Rowland
Fri, 3 July 2015 21:30:36

I grew up wanting an AS2C and was checking out the internet when I came across your youtube videos. You've done an excellent job on all your restorations. I've been hunting for an AS2C for about a year now but haven't found the right one yet.

Thanks for the download of the rider's manual and best wishes on all your future projects.

Asheville, NC USA

(115) Alejandro Pereira
Sat, 2 May 2015 00:52:30

Dear Sir. Just today I downloded your manuals because I have a RD 125 and AS3. Ready to restore. At the same time I have en YB 50 for use as a rapid linkage between my garage and spare parte shop. Just now I am finishig an fj 1100. Do you think if I like Yamaha?

(114) ed heckman
Mon, 13 April 2015 20:43:21

loved finding your site great job on bikes! My bikes of interest are 68 yas1c, 68 yr2c, 68 a7ss avenger, 69 ds6c,70 r5,68 ycs1, 99 hayabusa, 2009 vmx 1700, 2009 r1,and possibly soon to buy 72 h1 500. IN 1969 I bought the 1st sandcast 750 in san luis obispo count calif. I was 16 yrs. old however my chain broke and destroyed the cases. I loved that bike and put 60,000 mi on it in 3 z1,900 came next.

(113) Emil Svensson
Sat, 14 February 2015 17:52:25

I am 17 years old and live in Sundsvall Sweden and I have a 1976 Yamaha RD 125 that my dad inspired me into finding (my dad bought it for me as my 15th birthday present after I found it through ""). I drove it about 10 000 kilometers last summer and I like it alot. I just wanted to say that after finally finding your website, Ole and Joacim I must say that I have found a hidden gem on the internet and I will start looking through all your restorations. Were do you get all the nice parts from though? Just ebay or some other hidden gem website? Email me.

(112) Christian Santoso Prasetya
Tue, 13 January 2015 15:20:57
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Hello Yamaparts.
I am Christian from Indonesia. I see you are very nice restoration, but there I want to ask. Can I restore my Yamaha AS1 to you? And how do. I was in Indonesia. And I do not know where you are? If I know I want to restore my yamaha AS1 to you.


(111) Stephen Whitesell
Mon, 29 December 2014 19:36:24
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Hi guys,
Just want to say I appreciate the hard work and dedication you have restoring these bikes but also to the documentation of each.

I have recently purchased a mint LS2 in Seattle and now am working on getting it to Hawaii where I'm sure it will be great to cruise around on.



(110) John Gray
Mon, 18 August 2014 12:04:08

Hi there. I have just found your wonderful site and look forward to seeing all your photos.
I have a small collection of Yamaha's myself
Two YAS1s 1970 Two YDS7s 1972 and Two YR5s 1971

Its great to know there is so much interest in the old Yamaha's.
Keep up your good work John Ireland

(109) Mark Hopkins
Sun, 10 August 2014 04:56:50

Great sight a lot of good information. I would love to see your work.

(108) Mark Hopkins
Sun, 10 August 2014 04:56:09

Great sight a lot of good information. I would love to see your work.

(107) Brian Hefferon
Sun, 8 June 2014 18:55:14

Great Site. I need to learn more about which models are which since I have purchased two old yamaha bikes. A 1975 125 and a 1972 200 Electric. The 125 needs carburetor work, and I sure could use your help with finding what I need. Keep up the good work on this great site!