The entire electrical system is wired now, everything works the way it’s supposed to! We’ve got the left exhaust pipe ready but not the right one… Fortunately we have a spare one!

As soon as we get the rear fender from Smethurst it’s complete! Hopefully we’ll show the bike at this years Sofiero Classic in Helsingborg, Sweden. It’s on the 17th of May, if you have the chance to go it’s a nice day (at least if the weather is good) filled with classic motorcycles and cars.

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Full throttle

We’ve gotten the engine back on the bike with a quick tune-up. We’ve also gotten the covers on the engine and hooked it up to the throttle. That together with the rear wheel makes it almost ready to take out on the road! At the moment the rear fender is of getting chromed but as soon as it gets back we”ll have it ready, hopefully early next week!

And yes, the pictures start at number two, I accidentally renamed them before I made the final selection and removed number one…

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Got it covered

The AS3 is completely taken apart now, so far we’ve got a new front brake adjusting screw in place and a brand new front axle. We’ve got a brand new battery and air box as well. We also got brand new covers for the engine!

On top of that we’ve exchanged the mph speedometer to a km/h version and got a brand new front wheel. Not bad for a weeks work…

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Less weight

The AS3 is almost in pieces now 🙂

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Every journey begins with one step

We’ve decided to give Peter Spicers AS3 a cleaning and modification! So far we”ve only just decided to keep it red, but more to come in the following weeks!

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