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Yamaha AS3 New Red 1972 2

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First start

As I wrote last time we started the new AS3 for the first time. Well, here is the video of the new AS3’s first start, in HD!

You have to click on the video, put it in full screen mode and select “720p” to get the HD (It is worth it, click!)

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The AS3 is as good as done, everything except the fuel tank and seat are in place. We’re sending it off to a friend who’s something of an expert with electrical systems to make sure all connections and voltages are correct. All that’s left to do when it comes back is to get some petrol in it and set up the ignition.

Since this bike is intended for the road we’ve used newer spark plugs and we’re paying extra attention to the engine timings and the electrical set up. If everything goes as planned we’ll have it up and running very soon.

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The engine has been rebuilt from the ground up with NOS parts! The guys over at Yamaha Center helped get the entire engine perfectly balanced, it should run beautifully. So far we’ve just got the engine mounted on the frame and we have started adding things like the foot rest.

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The engine block has arrived, now we can continue where we left off! We’ve managed to get a brand new crankshaft for the bike as well.

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