It’s completed! The exhausts and the seat arrived during the week along with the side covers.

Expect a brand new gallery of it soon.

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The AS2C is basically complete, the only thing it’s lacking is the exhausts, side covers and the saddle and those should arrive soon.

It’s always a nice feeling when the tank goes on, everything just seems to come together once you got the tank. Even if you lack some parts the bike just feels complete. In any case it”s ready to go off the bench so we can get a new project up there!

As an extra bonus you get a picture of the wiring scheme for the AS1/2C

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Another quick one

Progress on the bike is going smoothly, it”s finally starting to look like a bike 🙂

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Just building

It’s all going smoothly, the newest additions are the rear dampers, electrical system and the turn signals. The turn signals on the scramblers are somewhat matte polished aluminium as opposed to the chromed ones on the regular models. The front fender is also in place, so far the only part that isn’t new are the springs on the rear dampers, Smethurst has done an awesome job re-chroming them!

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This has to be the biggest single build update yet, work on the bike has progressed a great deal during the easter holiday and it”s starting to come together. So far all the parts are NOS 🙂

A quick word of warning: when you’re assembling the cogs for the speedometer, make sure that it can rotate before tightening the screws. If it gets jammed, it’s hell to fix!

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