Murphys law

The bike is off the bench and it”s as good as done. The only thing left is the headlight, it should be done very soon…

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Quite a lot has happened since the last update, at least visibly. The engine side covers are in place, the battery side cover and the oil tank as well. The fuel tank with the emblems and cap are on, all of it along with the side covers are NOS. The rear fender and light are on. A funny thing is the kick, it’s one of the earliest ones that were sand-cast, making each mold unique and each kick visibly different from the other.

We got the front wheel fully in place with the brakeshield and the brake itself, then we ran into some problems. The adjusting screw for the brake was nowhere to be found. We searched for hours with no luck but we found it at last! The end result of our struggle will come in the next update, hopefully we can complete it during the week!

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The carburetors have gone on the bike together with the air filters. The rear wheel and chain guard are also in place, it’s getting closer now.

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A handle on things

Some more progress on the bike, we’ve got the cylinders and ignition all done, the carburetors are just about ready as well. The chain is in place, always nice having it in place.

The handle has gone on it, it’s the kind where the wires are passed inside the actual handle. It’s nice having the wires hidden but access to them is a lot harder.

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Some more

We’ve gotten a bit further on the AS2J, so far we have the engine, front fork and parts of the electrical system in place. Having parts in their boxes are always nice!

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