And it’s done! The blue AS2J is completed, the last finishing touches to it was NOS exhausts and also a brand new unused seat. All that”s missing is one of the rear view mirrors, and that’s close enough for it to be called completed.

It’s just stunning to see, for now you’ll have to make do with these images, but the gallery of it will be ready in a week or two.

Update 23/10 2007
The gallery is up


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So close

The AS2J is so close to completion now that you can almost taste it, almost all the parts are here and ready to go on it, just waiting for the rear fender to get back from Smethurst. As soon as the AS2J is done the CS5 will go on the bench, so hopefully we”ll have two new shiny bikes in the next month or so.

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A lot of things have been done on the bike this last week as you can see from the pictures. The engine is pretty much completed now, it won’t be long before the whole bike is done. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, you can see the process of attaching the chain and the air filters in them.

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Just picked up a brand new fuel tank for the AS2J, it had never been out of the box before this. It’s all starting to come together now.

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A lot of things have happened to the bike during the week as you can see, the engine is practically fully assembled now, all of the parts used are NOS, including the oil tank. The way things are shaping up on this bike it might just become the jewel of the yamahas. Even the toolset is NOS 🙂

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