It’s as good as done now, we’ve got the side covers and the tank on. The nice thing about the fuel tank is that it is brand new which can be seen inside it, unfortunately it had a few blemishes in the paintjob so we had Bassel repaint it. The front light housing and the meter are hooked up as well with all the electrics nicely wired inside. There’s only one thing left, the pearlescent sides of the fuel tank and we’ll have those tomorrow! Expect a gallery real soon 🙂

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All done

Now that we’ve got the pearlescent fuel tank sides on complete with the rubber guards and the Yamaha logo the bike is all done, you can find the gallery here!

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The AS1C is coming ever closer to completion, we’ve got the exhaust on there now. As soon as the fuel tank and side covers come from Bassel it’ll be done!

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Once again we got the AS1C up on the bench. We got the handle complete with all the wires on and attached to everything that needs to be wired.

Note that because this is a 1968 model the screws in the engine block are a bit different, you can see it on the one in from of the cylinders. Another special thing is that the generator cover is attached with only two screws.

The carburetors are on there as well and hooked up to the throttle. Something you realize more and more as you restore the bikes is how sequential everything is, before you can get the foot rest on you have to have the engine covers on first but before you can get them on there once and for all you have to attach all the wires first. At any one time there are only a few parts that you can attach or remove from the bike although I guess that new bikes are even more that way albeit more focused on groups of parts.

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A lot of things have happened in the days since the last update. The generator is on and hooked up to the wiring, we’ve also completed both cylinders. The pistons we used are the 99 version, they give excellent compression, a big thanks to our friend Miguel in Brazil for helping us get our hands on them! The spark plugs are also the right kind, B9HS.

On top of that we got both the front and back wheels attached. You can see the entire process of attaching the rear wheel in the pictures below! For the moment we’ve taken it down from the bench, we’re going to disassemble one of the AS2Js we got a few weeks ago and need the space 🙂

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