We’ve kept working on both our new AS1 drive project and our AS3 project. At the moment we have the AS3 up and running! It is hooked up with an external battery and a temporary fuel tank at the moment (the fuel tank is a bottle!). We’ll finish up the last parts and get a gallery up and running soon! We shot some video of it when we had it running, we’ll have it up on the site soon as well.
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Mostly new

We’ve made good progress with the new AS1 drive since the last update: we’re almost done! Everything from the rear wheel to the front fender is in place. Unlike our last drive project we’ve replaced most of the parts with new ones. Some parts like the engine block and return spring for the kick have only been cleaned, others like the front fork is NOS.

In the pictures you can see how to put together the internal kick assembly.

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For the road

It has been a long time since we started a new project, it feels like we’re overdue for one. Not to disappoint: we’ll be doing a new “Drive” project. In the last AS1 “Drive” project we did, we fixed an AS1 using as few spare parts as possible. You can see that project here.

This time we’ll be going for a different approach: we’ll focus on creating a bike that is as good to use on the road as possible.

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