The last piece

The bike is complete! We received the engine last week, as soon as we had that progress was quick. Since this is a 1970 model AS1 it has the same engine side covers as the AS2. The ”Autolube” sticker on the oil tank is also in the same place as it is on the AS2J. While the earlier AS1 has the sticker on the middle of the tank, the later models had it lower down.

Since we did some additional work on the first blue AS1 as well we happen to have both of them here. Seeing them next to each other… Not something you see every day.

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Engine as well…

Well, we’ve gotten a bit further on this project as well, unfortunately we’re once again stuck waiting for parts of the engine. We put the fuel tank and seat in place just to see how it would look.

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Well, things are starting to take off! Both the front and rear fender are in place, the rear one with the light, cables and turn signals hooked up! The electricals are coming together nicely as well, still need to hook up most things but the cables are in place.

It has even got the battery tray to protect the metal from corrosion if the battery leaks. Still to be done apart from the obvious connecting all the electricals and engine are the wheels, chain, covers and the fuel tank! Even if it”s quite a few things to do I have a feeling we’ll be done soon!

Funny thing is that we took the flasher lenses from the ‘Titan’ AS3, we decided that it would suit the ”Titan” better to use US-spec red lenses instead of standard european orange ones. All in all that means less work for us sourcing lenses for this bike and a better fit with the overall look for the other. We’ll have more updates of the ‘Titan’ soon.

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Progress has continued on the AS1 at the same time as the AS3. With a temporary front wheel it can stand on its own, that means no more straps digging into the paint. We’re proud to say that we’ve managed to source a brand new rear fender for the project. They are getting few and far apart but if you’re lucky you can still get a hold of one!

The thumbnails decided to stop working all of a sudden so unfortunately there are no previews for this update, just click the square where the thumbnail usually is to go straight to the picture!

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Now it’s time to get started with project number two for the year. We’ve got the frame for the second blue AS1 back from the painters and up on the bench. We will be working with it parallel to the Titan AS3.

So far the swingarm is in place along with the front fork and a few other components like the center stand. Over the coming weeks the bike will start to take shape.

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