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TA125 parts list

Hello everyone,
It’s time for another update! This time we have the parts list for the TA125, it’s basically a racing version of the AS3. As such, it shares a lot of parts with its street-going brother but a lot of parts have been changed for higher performance.

This will help you in finding out which ones! As always, you can view the manual by clicking the picture below or by going to the manuals section.

TA125 Parts List

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Straight from France

A little while back we bought a new bike from France, a 1971 AS2J, it looked like it was in good condition. When it arrived we were surprised by just how good the condition was. We decided to start it up and take it for a test drive.

It runs perfectly, starts on the first kick, revs well, the clutch is good, the idle is good. We’ve decided to keep it unrestored. We will replace the headlight insert with a NOS swedish spec and replace a leaking oil gasket, but other than that it’ll stay like it is.

Hope you like it as much as we do!

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Special visit

Yesterday, we were visited by a group of 14 from Denmark at the museum. What was extra fun this time was that over half of them came riding old Kawazaki Z1’s! Always fun to see them out on the road.


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The Art Bike

The special AS3 we created for Ole’s exhibition in 2012 is once again on display. If you’re in the south of Sweden and feel like checking it out, you can find more info by clicking here.


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YCS1 Service Manual

We’ve got a new service manual up at the site, this time for the YCS1. You can find it on the manuals page or by clicking the image below!

YCS1 Service Manual

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