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Rebuilding a Carburetor

This will be quite a long post, to see it all, click “Continue reading” below. A while back I promised that we would upload a walkthrough on rebuilding the carburetors, here it is! This is a rebuild of the AS1/AS2 version of the carburetors, but the AS3 and most other versions are similar. To view a larger version of any picture, click on it.

Carburetor Rebuild 01
This assumes that you’ve already disassembled your carburetor and that you have all the required parts, either new or used. The tiny openings in the nozzles tend to get clogged over time, I would really recommend that you get a restoration kit that contains new nozzles and gaskets in order to get your bike running smoothly.
In order to make things easier to see, we’ve laid out all the parts here. Begin by assembling the nozzles in the upper part of the carburetor housing in the steps shown below.

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Well, that pause in updates was a bit unexpected. We’re back again with a new update on the black AS1 project. Click here to see it. A quick preview:

AS1 Black 279

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Front wheel and engine

That turned into an unexpectedly long delay…

Well, it’s time for the next part of the black AS1 project. This time we’re covering the front wheel and engine.

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