AS3 Startup and Test Drive

Quite a long time ago we started restoring this AS3, now we’ve finally finished the restoration. It was already in good condition when we got it so we figured we’d just do some touchups. That didn’t happen. In the end we pulled it apart completely and rebuilt it from the ground up. Unfortunately we didn’t document it at any of these steps so we don’t have any good pictures of what it looked like before. In the end that’s just as well, the entire restoration has taken several years since it has been inactive most of the time.

This is our first start and test drive of it. It runs very well: it revs the way it’s supposed to, the idle is good, the power is there and all the electrics work. Next up we’ll drive it out to the museum, that is if we get a day with good weather…


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  1. Philippe 2012/08/11 at 23:28 #

    One more, congratulations…

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