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Work of Art

The exhibition at Dunkers is over, the AS3 art project has joined the other bikes at the museum. Everything worked better than expected: the bikes drew a lot of attention and according to the staff in the reception made their job a bit more fun as a lot more people hung around the lobby than before. They’re even going to continue doing exhibitions like this in lobby in the future. Now you get to enjoy it too! The image gallery is up on the museum page, click here to go to the gallery.

The paintjob was created using intaglio printmaking. Photo-polymer plates of photographs were created, these were then pressed onto sheets of thin plastic. The plastic was then used to transfer the print to the motorcycle parts. The photographs are of various places around Helsingborg. The bike was created by Per Johnsson and Ole Larsen.

Yamaha AS3 Art 4

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AS3 Startup and Test Drive

Quite a long time ago we started restoring this AS3, now we’ve finally finished the restoration. It was already in good condition when we got it so we figured we’d just do some touchups. That didn’t happen. In the end we pulled it apart completely and rebuilt it from the ground up. Unfortunately we didn’t document it at any of these steps so we don’t have any good pictures of what it looked like before. In the end that’s just as well, the entire restoration has taken several years since it has been inactive most of the time.

This is our first start and test drive of it. It runs very well: it revs the way it’s supposed to, the idle is good, the power is there and all the electrics work. Next up we’ll drive it out to the museum, that is if we get a day with good weather…

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Gallery of the YCS1 and iPads

We have a new gallery up of the 1968 YCS1 we got a few weeks back, click here to go to the museum page! The video of our test drive is there as well. We actually drove the bike out to the museum under its own power. We usually drive the bikes there with a truck since we haven’t got insurance on most of them. I’m happy to say that it completed the journey without any trouble at all!

Now on to the next thing: as some of you with iPhones and iPads might have noticed: the picture galleries don’t show up on the site when you browse with them. This is because the slideshows are based on flash which isn’t supported in iOS. In order to get around this I’m trying out a new gallery system which works on iOS, the YCS1 is the first one of this kind, if everything works out well I’ll transition the other flash-based galleries to this system as well. The layout is based on thumbnails instead of one slideshow though you can still access a slideshow by first clicking on one of the thumbnails.

Yamaha YCS1 1968 4

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