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The much awaited gallery

We have uploaded the gallery of the original 24km AS2J to the museum page! Click here to go there directly. It has really survived storage remarkably well. There are a few marks but not nearly as many as you would expect.

The opening at Dunkers went well, the turnout was larger than we expected! If you have the route through Helsingborg before the 8th of August, stop by and take a look!

Yamaha AS2J Original 24km 1971 2

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Here’s a quick peek at the (almost) finished AS3 ‘Art’, to learn more about it click here to go to the newspost about it.

Yamaha AS3 'Art' preview

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The big unveiling

When we first introduced the AS3 ‘Art’ project we were quite vague on the details about what the project was about. Tonight I can tell you more. Ole’s company is celebrating 40 years in the art world and so put together a big exhibition at Dunkers Kulturhus here in Helsingborg called Under Stor Press. Translated directly it means Under Great Pressure. Taken in the context of intaglio printing, Stor Press is wordplay refering to the big printing presses used to create the works. The next step of the exhibition is motorcycles transformed into art! The name of the exhibition is Underhojar which translates to Wonderbikes.

We’ve used the same intaglio techniques to transfer prints to the AS3 ‘Art’ project.

Alongside the AS3 we’ll also be displaying a handful of other motorcycles transformed into art by a number of Artists. One of the motorcycles is done by Apparatjik (Magne Furuholmen, Jonas Bjerre, Guy Berryman, Martin Terefe), shown as concept below, another is done by Kjell Nupen. Bassel, our painter, is creating a custom bike. Lone Recht is using the AS1 we showed in the last update.

You can see the swedish information below. Click through to the AS3 ‘Art’ project to see a quick teaser of the finished result. Both exhibitions will run until the fifth of August, if you’re in Helsingborg or the Öresund region, stop by and take a look.


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