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The key

The 24,5 km AS2J has arrived home! The last time we had an update on it, it had just arrived in Sweden. Now we’ve had a chance to take a proper look at it. It’s absolutely stunning!

We’ve carefully cleaned it up, it looks pretty much like a new bike. If you look at it from a short distance, it looks like it’s brand new. More info and pictures after the jump.
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We’ve made one of our greatest finds ever. This AS2J has only ever been driven 24.5 km! The owner took it home but soon after fell ill. A while later the original key was lost so the motorcycle remained in the original owners garage.

Fast forward a bit over 40 years and the original owners brother talks to a friend about selling the bike. Now we have it.

It has just arrived, we’ll have more updates on it soon so check back!

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