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A new home

One of our recent restorations have found a new home: the latest red AS3 now lives with Philippe in France, driving proudly on the french roads.

You can see the gallery of the bike in the museum here.

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Restoration top tip: doormats from IKEA

Today we have one of the best restoration tips we’ve had in a while: white doormats from IKEA.

Using them and some polish it’s possible to improve the finish on almost all used screws. Since the surface is hooped it doesn’t catch on the screws, the rubber base means you can apply pressure without damaging the part.

If you want, you can even turn the mat around to get some extra polish from the rubber.

We’ve been using them for a long time as a base to keep the motorcycles from sliding when they’re on the bench. It’s only recently that we found even more use for them. The mats cost next to nothing, if you get the chance try it out!

We’ve also finished cleaning the carburetors from the last update. Now they’re all pretty much as new. It’s amazing what you can do with used parts: almost everything on these bikes can be restored to as new condition given som time, effort and thought.

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LS2 service guide

We have a new service manual available on the site! This time it’s the service manual for the LS2, you can download it below or from the manuals section.

LS2 Service Manual

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