AS2J and AS3 disassembly + new workbench!

We have just got a new workbench to our parts storage, this is the maiden run! It’s a lot easier to disassemble the bikes where you store the parts.
We haven’t decided what to do with these bikes yet so it’s just a disassembly.

The AS3 was covered in a layer of oil and grease: pretty much no rust but messy to handle. Unfortunately it has been heavily tinkered with: screw heads stripped, grooves cut in the clutch. However most of the cosmetic parts are in good condition!

The AS2J on the other hand was the opposite of oily: it’s been stored in mostly dry conditions. The metal on a lot of the parts are ok but pretty much every screw was stuck. Two of the screws just stripped off the grooves and had to be sawn off… Apart from that, the bike will make a good foundation for a new project.


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3 Responses to AS2J and AS3 disassembly + new workbench!

  1. Graham Foy 2012/01/23 at 01:39 #

    Hi guys. This AS3 looks almost identical to the AS3 Europa you started away back in Sept 2009.

    The rack on the back is even the same. The only differences I can see are that the older project had medium height bars and a sticker on the oil tank.

    Did the Europa models only come in Mandarin Orange?

    Would be nice to see this pair restored as there are several early AS3s restored but I have never seen a mint condition Europa model

    • Joacim Larsen 2012/01/24 at 14:16 #

      Hi Graham,
      It’s pretty close indeed. The Europa models came in all the standard colours: Mandarin Orange, Brilliant Red and Marine Blue. For some reason the orange version was the most popular one in West Germany so a majority of the Europas out there are orange.

      Both Ole and I had almost forgotten about the AS3 Europa project, a lot of other ones had come in between.

      We talked about it and decided that the next project we’ll work on will be the AS3 Europa. We even have most of the parts ready! Stay tuned and we’ll have it on the site in a couple of weeks.

      • Graham Foy 2012/01/26 at 02:54 #

        I look forward to it. Please keep the high bars too. I’m sure you will be able to get the long cables for it. There are some 10 suffix throttle and brake cables on Ebay just now for the high bars….just need a long clutch for the set

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