If it isn’t broken

This is the engine that will be used to the AS3 ‘Art’ project. Overall the engine is in good condition so we’ll probably keep it in one piece and just clean it up.


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One Response to If it isn’t broken

  1. tim redfern 2011/09/11 at 20:59 #

    look’s like you were very lucky! my engine was seized with no carbs . have now rebilt it
    and found a pair of RD carbs it’s taken 15 years of searching to get all my bit’s.
    now looking at a rebore maybe? not quite sure which coulour to paint her as some ass
    painted it by hand in JCB yellow!(tossers).
    let you know when she’s done .still in the middle of rebuilding a suzuki GN400 chop and a kwack 650 B2 loads to do.

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