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Now that the red AS3 and the blue AS1 are done it’s time to get a new project rolling. This one is different from what we’ve done before, it is still one of the models we usually work with but the purpose is different.

We’re restoring an AS3 for an art project, the bike will be covered in pictures of Helsingborg that have been transfered to it. You can see some of the photographers work here:


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After a long build period the latest AS3 project is completed: the new red AS3 is up and running! Tonight we have a brand new gallery of it ready in the museum, click here to see it. A special thanks to Yamaha Center for letting us set up a room to take pictures of the bike while it’s there!

We have a new project that is about to start as well, keep your eyes peeled this weekend for more information.


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The AS3 is fully restored, click here to see the gallery in the museum!

Yamaha AS3 New Red 1972 2

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The new AS1 drive is done! We have a brand new gallery of it up in the museum, click here to see it! We even have a brand new video of it up and running, you can see it in the museum or right below…

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