Sometimes you find things you weren’t expecting to find, or didn’t even know existed. This is one of those times: we’ve managed to find old cans of spraypaint. That in itself is not very strange or interesting. What is interesting is the fact that these are original Yamaha cans of spraypaint still in their original shrinkwrap. They are over 30 years old so the paint in them have probably seen better days but they’re a fun thing to have.

We also have new updates for the red AS3 project and for the new AS1 drive project. The AS3 is almost done, if everything goes as planned it will be ready for the road in a week or two, just in time for summer. Check out the AS3 update here.

The AS1 drive is also coming along nicely, even though we started the project recently we’re almost ready to start this one up as well. We were lucky to have all the parts needed on hand when we started the project. In this update you can also see how to construct the internal part of the kick assembly (that’s why the update has the tag “Tip”, click it in the sidebar to see other updates that can be of help with your own projects). Check out the AS1 update here.


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