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The new site is now one week old, so far it’s living up to expectations. I hope you find it easier to find what you’re looking for with the new site, that is one of the main goals. So in order to help with that I thought I would describe how the new site works. But first: we’ve uploaded two new manuals that we think you’ll find useful: Service manuals for both the AS1 and AS3! Go to the manuals page to read and download them.

The Home page displays the 5 most recent posts that are in the News category, in the same way the Restorations page display the five most recent project updates of all projects. The same posts that can be found in the individual projects also appear on the Restorations page. Of course, as before, all updates on a specific project can be found if you click the link to it in the right side bar at the Restorations page.

In the Museum page you can read the story of how we created the museum from start to finish. You can also see pictures of construction. In the right sidebar you will find the links to galleries of all the motorcycles we own. Those pictures are all hosted on Flickr as well. If you want to use one as your desktop image you can download it there (Personal use only though).

Then we have one of the major news: a whole page just for manuals. The Manuals page contain Parts lists for the AS1, AS2 and AS3, service manuals for the AS1 and AS3 and last but not least: Riders manuals for the AS1C and AS2C. If you click on the image you can download them for free.

The Contact page doesn’t bring any major surprises, it contains a form you can use to get in touch with us. In the About page you can read the story of how Yamaparts came to be and some information on who I and Ole are. The Links page is quite self explanatory: we have links to people who have helped us and may be of help to you too!

There are still a few things left to do on the website but it’s all in the form of new features. If you feel like giving us feedback on the changes, just click on the article name and you can leave comments. This is something you can do on all the updates, if you have questions about a restoration, or how we did something, you can leave a comment!

Don’t forget to take a look at the Service manuals!

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