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Three new bikes, two disassemblies and a workbench

The title doesn’t lie. We’ve just received three new bikes: an AS2J and two AS1 from France. They are in surprisingly good condition! You can see a picture of them below, more to come!

As a christmas present: we got a new workbench for our parts storage so we’ll be able to disassemble bikes on location instead of driving the used parts all over. We inaugurated it with disassembling an AS2J and an AS3. You can see pictures in the “Restorations” section or click here to go directly to the pictures!

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AS2J and AS3 disassembly + new workbench!

We have just got a new workbench to our parts storage, this is the maiden run! It’s a lot easier to disassemble the bikes where you store the parts.
We haven’t decided what to do with these bikes yet so it’s just a disassembly.

The AS3 was covered in a layer of oil and grease: pretty much no rust but messy to handle. Unfortunately it has been heavily tinkered with: screw heads stripped, grooves cut in the clutch. However most of the cosmetic parts are in good condition!

The AS2J on the other hand was the opposite of oily: it’s been stored in mostly dry conditions. The metal on a lot of the parts are ok but pretty much every screw was stuck. Two of the screws just stripped off the grooves and had to be sawn off… Apart from that, the bike will make a good foundation for a new project.

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Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas from Yamaparts!

Christmas 2011

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Carburetors and engine

We’ve kept working on the AS3 ‘Art’ project. Mostly on the carburetors and the engine. If everything goes as planned we’ll be able to finish it during christmas!

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Almost christmas

Today we have a lot of good news! For starters: the magazine Classic Bike (The nordic one) with the story about us hits the shelves today, subscribers got it last thursday. The story runs over 8 pages! You can check out their website at We also have a lot of other goodies for you.

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