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At the moment we’re working on three red AS3s at once! Though one is mainly for parts, one is orange at the moment but will turn red soon enough.  The last one is actually the very first bike we ever fixed: we missed a lot of details and took a few shortcuts back then so it wasn”t up to spec compared with what we do now. We’ve taken it apart completely and now we”re rebuilding it, about half the parts are the old ones: the rest are NOS that we lacked when we first fixed it…

This also means that we’re almost done with our oversight of our first bikes and one thing is for certain: we’ve learned a lot since we first began. It feels good to have all the old restorations in order now, the first snow is rolling in and it’ll be good to have them in the museum in time for winter. The environment there is good for storing them, we’ve really had them too dry and hot before so some of the rubber details have started to dry. Of course all of that is replaced now, hopefully for the last time…

We’re also set to get into gear with our new AS3 restoration we announced last update: not that much new there tonight though: we’re disassembling it at the moment and so far it’s looking good, very little rust.

We’ve also received a new shipment from Smethurst of freshly chromed delights, among other things a whole bunch of parts for the rear shocks.

Stay tuned for the weekend, we’ll have a new gallery up then!



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