As I mentioned last time the electricity in the museum is fixed, all the needed light fixtures and wall sockets are there now. During this week the floor and climate control guys will get to work with that. Given that it is an old farm building, all the power needs to be up to spec to handle harsh environments with lots of dust and moisture (not that we”ll have a lot of either…), therefore all the switches are linked directly to relays in the sealed box on the ceiling to cut power completely when you hit the switch. First time I turned the light on I was afraid I the fusebox had exploded, those relays are NOT quiet!

We’re taking another look at a few of the projects we did back in the start of the site. We did them before we really had access to all the parts we have today so a lot of the small details are a bit off. It’s mostly the nuts and bolts we’ve used that are the wrong model, newer ones with markings on the head and plastic non-slip discs. The blue AS1 is actually the first project we put on the site, we were almost done so it’s just the final few steps that we have chronicled.  We had restored the orange AS3 before we started the site.

We’ll strip them down and make sure they’re up to spec with the restorations we do now, some parts will get replaced like the bolts and we’ll probably repaint the frame for the AS1 but they’re mostly good.

And on that subject: the AS2J from france that we got a few weeks back is done! We’ve had to replace some parts like the meters and the handle but the majority is just the old parts with a good layer of cleaning and polishing. Sometime in the past the bike has probably been in a light accident that destroyed the original meters and damaged the housing for the front light.

Now that it’s back together we took it out for a test: the engine runs perfectly, it’s good in idle and it revs smoothly all the way up to the top. On the short street we drove it on it hit 70kh/h without problems and lifted the front wheel of the ground. Not bad for a 40 year old bike!



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  1. shergar 2011/05/20 at 23:13 #

    hi joacim paul here from ireland , really need to know the colour code for the red as1 model if you have it i would be very greatfull thanks

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