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Brand new

As expected everything is going smoothly, we’re down to the very last pieces of the puzzle now. The only thing left is the fuel tank and the seat, apart from that everything is more or less in place.

The great thing about this bike is that every last component in the engine is brand new and unused. Most of the time we use the crankshaft and engine block from the orginal bike but this time the engine has been built from scratch!

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Working hard or hardly working?


Today we have an update of the AS3 ‘Titan’: some small touches to bring it closer to completion.

As I wrote a while back we received a huge load of Yamaha guides from our friend Graham a little while back. Since the last few weeks we’ve been hard at work digitizing them. Since they’re fragile you can’t mash them in a scanner and get it done that way, instead we’re taking pictures of every page of every guide using an old video support to hold the camera. Originaly it was used to get companies logos into commercials by filming them with a camera, it works equally well with still images! We’ve managed to get through a big part of the guides but there’s still plenty of work left.

Unfortunately that will have to wait a while: Ole has already gone away on holiday and I will as well in a few days. We’ll both be gone the coming two weeks, in that time we’ll be a bit slower than usual with answering emails but don’t worry, we will keep an eye on the inbox!


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Well, it’s the same thing as last week: we still have the fuel tank and seat left. Unfortunately we didn’t get the tank before the guys at the paint shop went on holiday so it’ll be a while longer.

The good news is that all the small things we had left like the decals, rear view mirrors and handles are done!

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