Today I did not only bring my camera to the soon to be museum, I managed to get some pictures inside while the sun peeked through the clouds! As you can see, the entire roof is painted, the roof-girders and pillars still remain to be painted white. The three out of four doors in the pictures are getting removed (with a fifth one not pictured, fire safety!). The rear door will be left in place but screwed shut and a new wall built inside. The two inner doors will be completely removed.

The floor also needs to be recast. On both sides of the middle path were feeding troughs cast in concrete. Since I didn”t have access to any heavy tools, I and a few friends hacked everything away bit by bit with sledgehammers. It was hard work but quite fun in small doses! That left the edges of the middle path rough and jagged so the entire floor will be cast to the highest existing level of the floor to even everything out.

Now that the ceiling is painted next up is getting an electrician to install all the lights!

Until next time!