Well, things are starting to take off! Both the front and rear fender are in place, the rear one with the light, cables and turn signals hooked up! The electricals are coming together nicely as well, still need to hook up most things but the cables are in place.

It has even got the battery tray to protect the metal from corrosion if the battery leaks. Still to be done apart from the obvious connecting all the electricals and engine are the wheels, chain, covers and the fuel tank! Even if it”s quite a few things to do I have a feeling we’ll be done soon!

Funny thing is that we took the flasher lenses from the ‘Titan’ AS3, we decided that it would suit the ”Titan” better to use US-spec red lenses instead of standard european orange ones. All in all that means less work for us sourcing lenses for this bike and a better fit with the overall look for the other. We’ll have more updates of the ‘Titan’ soon.